Futbol24 Soccer Academy
Futbol24 Soccer Academy

Futbol24 Soccer Academy

We place a strong emphasis on technical and tactical training. Our focus is on true player development. We teach our teams and athletes how to develop their skills physically, as well as mentally. We provide players with progressive skill training in a structured year-round format.

We strive to perfect technical skills in order for our players to control the ball with mastery and confidence.

Our goal is to provide the best possible learning environment, combining it with Mundial fútbol internacional estilo training. The style and purpose of our training, is to develop and create effective, strong skilled and competitive teams and athletes.

The Building Blocks in Creating World Class Players:

Love of Game





……......This is the core of our training program.


Our Training Philosophy:

We believe individual soccer skill development and ball mastery is a must. Without strong ball mastery a player can never reach his or her full potential. Training players to execute a variety of turns, moves and skills will enhance a player’s individual performance on the field.

Over twenty years of training and coaching, we have extensively worked with many youth organizations in the Philadelphia Metro Area: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery County PA.


Futbol24 Soccer Academy Director:
Paul Horozoglou