Futbol24 Soccer Academy
Futbol24 Soccer Academy

Film and Video

Sports Highlight Videos

Aerial videography system for team analysis and player highlight reels.


Our camera crew films individual players and teams around the field following their every move, capturing and identifying players action in possession of the ball and decision making off the ball. 


    ▪    Highlight reels

    ▪    Player and team analysis

    ▪    On and off the ball movement (Tactical view)

    ▪    Individual and team performance



Team Game-Day Footage 

Individual Highlights


    •    Field Player:  Match Footage


    •    Goals, shots on goal, assists

    •    Crosses, clears

    •    Corner kicks, goal kicks

    •    Traps from the air, headers

    •    Steals, Tackles, defending

    •    Passes: clean passes to a teammate, 1 touch, give-n-go’s, thru balls, possession

    •    Ball Handling – 1 v 1 moves, shielding, keeping possession

    •    Good runs


    •    Goalies: Skills Footage / Match Footage


    •    Include Diving to your left and right(low and high shots)

    •    High Balls – collecting an punching crosses

    •    Breakaways – how well you cut the angles and do sliding saves

    •    Punting – follow the ball to see distance

    •    Goal Kicks




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