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Establishing Rhythm

A hallmark of great players and great teams is the ability to control and change the tempo and rhythm of play as the game requires. Rhythm has many facets both in attack and defense.


The Rhythm is TRAP, STEP and MOVE


A true soccer athlete that moves on rhythm is one that only uses energy that is purposeful to execute a necessary part of the game. He understands how and when to best change speeds and direction, as it is just as important to know when to stop or slowly move as it is important to know when and how to move quickly.

Also, these players understand the importance of how and when to best change speeds and direction, when to stop or move slowly, and when and how to move quickly. Most players and coaches are only focused on how to move at the highest speeds, however if a player understands rhythmic movement better, he is able to grasp how to be elusive by changing tempo and how to work at the highest capacity for the duration of the game.

 Establishing a rhythm, helps a team's direction and tempo of play:

Moving together as a group

Constantly adjusting

Opening avenues for maintaining possession 


There has been little focus on training and helping players recognize the need for establishing a rhythm in their play when they gain possession of the ball. Maintaining rhythm is important to a team’s success.
In order to find rhythm during competition, a foundation of movement skills must be developed through the early years of training. A soccer athlete does not instantly move with precision and grace necessary to perform the feats at a high level. Most players have to learn how to move efficiently. This is usually achieved through years of athletic development.
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