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Technical Skills/Creating Space:

Skill on the Ball is a key to success. Training players to carry the soccer ball under pressure with technical moves and attacking moves to create space to pass, shoot, or dribble.



Possession is tactical. Individual and group decision making about where to play the ball depends on individual technique for passing, receiving and handling the ball under pressure.

Possession also refers to team shape, support in attack and defend, creating and using space.


Team Shape and Support:

Team shape and support provide good spacing and creative field opportunities.

Passing and creating space through transitioning, stretches the field and provides constant counter attacking opportunities.


First Touch: The Most Important Touch, is the First Touch

To be in control of the ball is of great importance to every level of player. The ability to control a ball immediate, gives that player an advantage. First touch is often the difference between success and failure in most situations during a match.



Focus on transitioning from defense to offense. Helps players to take advantage of situations weather they are in the defending third, middle third or attacking third of the field.


Passing/ Receiving the Ball:

The player receiving or passing the ball should know where and how the ball can be played on the first touch and then play it away on the second touch. Passing and receiving the ball accurately is a must.

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