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Player SKILLS Assessment

Skills assessments are designed to objectively assess the skills of individuals.

EVALUATIONS and Assessments

“Player Skills Assessments”, are conducted in order to evaluate an athlete’s ability to perform a specific set of skills. Proficiency levels are recorded for each player. Skills assessments are usually conducted either by one-on-one evaluations or on game day observations.. 



Providing Feedback for Parents, Players


Athletes’ skills and abilities can change throughout a season. Some players might give a great performance at tryouts after working all offseason, but then taper off during the season. Others might start slow at tryouts and excel during the year as he or she gets more experience. Evaluating players throughout the season allows us to have the ability to track how athletes progress at various parts of the year.


Players also receive feedback on what they need to work on during the season. Evaluating players throughout the year gives us an opportunity to track how athletes are progressing in those key areas to see if they’ve improved. Getting this regular feedback helps athletes know if they’re making improvements, or if they need to try other training methods.

Prepare for the Season

While feedback can identify immediate needs for improvement or extra training, it can also help players prepare for next year. If certain skills still need improving, ongoing evaluations will show any progress the athlete has made, and what still needs to be addressed before next year’s tryouts.


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