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Apostolos "Paul" Horozoglou

Futbol24 SA Bucks County Director







Born in: Veria, Greece 

Hometown: Bucks County PA

Founder and Owner: Futbol24 SA


Trainer-Coaching Experience

1985-1987 Trainer: Youth Soccer Developmental Program Veria Greece

2002-2005 Fmr Head Coach: CRUSA/FC BUCKS U8F-U13F Bucks County PA

2005-2007 Fmr Head Coach: CRUSA U8-U10M Bucks County PA

2007-2010 Fmr Head Coach: Ukrainian Nationals U18F "Vohon" Women's Team Horsham PA

2009-2010 Trainer: Ukrainian Nationals U11F-U16F Horsham PA

2010-2011 Trainer: UDSC U14M Storm Fort Washington PA

2010-2019 Technical/TACT. Trainer: UDSC PDP Upper Dublin PA

2012-2020 Head Coach: UDSC U12-U17F Lightning Upper Dublin PA

2013-2014 Fmr Head Coach: UDSC U18F Stars Upper Dublin PA

2013-2014 Head Coach: SRMS Girls Soccer, Upper Dublin, PA.

2013-2015 Coach/Trainer: SFC Premier 05' (DELCO) PA

2013-2015 Trainer: U8M-U14M SFC (DELCO) PA

2014-2015 Technical Director: SFC (DELCO) PA 

2016-2017 Director of Coaching (GIRLS) UDSC

2016-2019 Head Coach (U19-20 Women's Team)

2016-2019 Founding Team "U19F PAS" Penn Aliance Select

2018-Present HSC (Academy Director) Glenside, PA 

2023-Present SFC (DELCO) PA


Playing Experience

Center Midfielder and Outside Forward


Played: 1972-1976 (Youth Inner City Soccer League Veria, Greece)

Played: 1980-1983 (Roxborough High School Philadelphia, PA)

Played: 1986-1987 (FC HMA Veria, Greece)

Played: 1988-1990 (Hellenic Flames, Delaware County, PA)


Training-Coaching Philosophy

I believe individual soccer skill development and ball mastery is a must. Without ball mastery skills a player can never reach his or her full potential. Training players to execute a variety of turns, moves and skills will enhance a player’s individual performance on the field. Three main factors that worked for me as a trainer are Process, Focus and Execute. Simply, players must constantly scan the field and visually, know what they are going to do with or without the ball before they pass, receive or move into space.

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